Shooting Sparrow

It was a leap of faith for Aucklander Ben Dundas to leave his job in the fashion industry and start his own homeware label Shooting Sparrow, but one that he doesn’t regret for a moment. “It’s been an incredible journey so far,” says Ben. “I learn something new every day.”

It was his fashion experience that helped formulate the idea for Shooting Sparrow. “Through my time working in the industry, I saw a shift in the way people shopped. I saw that people wanted to express themselves in more than just clothing, but also in what they drive and how they live. I wanted to jump into this reasonably untouched market.”

His products are designed with the belief that every individual possesses a unique sense of style and the home is a blank canvas on which to express this. “Homeware isn’t just something that mothers buy – younger people are buying products for their flats, and trying to make their homes a representation of themselves. What we surround ourselves with should ideally inspire and encapsulate us.”

You can find his creations at stores such as Curate, Federation and Flux Boutique.