Mitchell Stout Dodd Architects

Founder of architectural practice Mitchell Stout Dodd Architects David Mitchell was one of few recipients of New Zealand’s highest architectural award; the New Zealand Institute of Architects Gold Medal for lifetime achievement. In addition, he was a lecturer at the University of Auckland School of Architecture and authored one of New Zealand’s most celebrated architectural books; The Elegant Shed. 

In 2001, David’s son Julian joined Mitchell & Stout Architects and has been a Director for 15 years. Partnering director Julie Stout, winner of the Chrystall Excellence award, is also one of the leading figures in New Zealand architecture and combining the skills of these talented individuals has produced some incredible responses.

One of them was the winner of the 2009 Home of the Year awards on Waiheke Island. Standing proudly in a beautiful landscape, its central living space bookended by two lofty structures so bold and extraordinary that they challenge our preconceptions of what a home can and should be.