The Fabulist

The hunt for the ultimate vintage find – it’s what Kristin Seth and partner Jason Hall always have on their minds. Whether they’re near their home in West Auckland or travelling throughout the country, the owners of Oratia secondhand traders The Fabulist never refrain from the quest for that pre-loved ‘gem’.

Since opening in an old fruit-packing shed in 2013, The Fabulist is fast becoming a popular destination for those seeking antiques, collectables and one-off pieces. “Not like Nana’s china,” says Kristin, “unless Nana was into the bizarre.” The shop’s name was borrowed from a book the couple read about a 19th century explorer named Louis De Rougemont. “He told amazing tales of being shipwrecked in remote north-western Australia,” says Kristin. “These included crazy stories such as riding turtles and steering them with his feet. We thought it was suitable as there are so many fabulous things in our store.”

The Fabulist is ultimately a store in which you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed or wanted,” says Jason. “It is quite eclectic but, strangely, quite a coherent collection of ever-changing wonderment.”