Artisan provides premium quality interior and exterior finishes; namely, sisal rugs, carpet, timber flooring, tiles, wallpaper, blinds and awnings.

As well as offering the best quality products, Artisan is inspired by ethically made products. Artisan carpets, for instance, are made from New Zealand wool, which can be traced back to the individual farm the sheep were raised on.

Artisan pride themselves on providing products that will last a lifetime. And by that, they’re referring to both their timeless nature in the tumultuous trend world and their ability to stand the test of time in terms of wear and tear. In other words, here you’ll find products that won’t date in look or quality.

With 40 years under their belt, Artisan has been able to grow the range of products on offer as well as the number of premises they operate from. You’ll find them in Mount Eden, Remuera, and in Designmade in Christchurch. There’s even an outlet Artisan store in Onehunga.