Smart tech to make your family’s morning routine simple

School’s back, so get the family into a routine with some help from Samsung.

Getting the family up and out the door in time for work and school, then organising after-school activities and who’s doing what, where and when is complicated. And don’t even mention getting dinner ready for the hungry masses.

An old-school blackboard is a quaint way to keep track of everyone’s movements but Samsung has made it so much easier to plan weekly activities with military precision in the form of a fridge that offers a great deal more than the standard keep-the-food-cold scenario.

The Samsung Family Hub™ refrigerator touch screen has wi-fi functionality so you can share news, calendars and messages on the Board.  If you’re so inclined, you can even draw pictures or write special notes, as well as play music, podcasts or whatever you feel like listening to. It really does shine when it comes to family admin.

Samsung’s double act to help out in the kitchen is completed with the Dual Cook Flex™ Oven, which makes preparing meals easier than ever.  Using the Samsung SmartThings App, the oven can be monitored and controlled any time, anywhere. Turn on the preheat function or switch it off when you’re not home, so dinner can be underway while you’re still at the office.

The oven also has a flexible door, which is hinged in the middle. The top half can be accessed without excessive heat loss in the lower half. The top half of the oven can be used independently to help save energy or have two temperatures working so that a roast is cooking in one part and pudding in the other. This really is the dawn of the kitchen as command central.

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Here’s how to get some awe and order in your life:

Samsung 75L Convection oven with Dual Cook Flex, $2,399.

SquireMe water bottle, $55, from Paper Plane

Huskee 8oz reusable cup, $35, from Superette.

Meals in Steel lunchbox, $42.99 from The Lunchbox Queen.


Samsung Family Hub 662L fridge, $7,399.

Family Hub requires an internet connection. Data charges may apply. App and content availability may vary by region and is subject to change at any time without notice.* SmartThingsApp must be downloaded to a compatible smartphone (supports Android and Apple). Compatible with phones with Android 4.0 and higher or iOS 7.0 and higher. Requires download of Smart Home app. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.  Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc.
* A wi-fi connection and a Samsung account are required. Different languages are supported by each country.
* Compatible with Galaxy S6 and above mobiles.
** Compatible with 2015~2017 model of Smart TV: J/K/MU6400 series or above; 2018 model of Smart TV: NU7400 series or above; 2019 model of Smart TV: Q60R series or above.

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