How to make your home more cosy this winter

Welcome family and friends in from the cold with a cosy home that ups the ante on warmth, comfort and style.

As the days get shorter and the chill in the air becomes more noticeable, we’re turning our attention to indoors. Right now, creating a warm and inviting home is a priority, so everyone in the family can enjoy time spent inside with each other, with a nurturing and cosy interior front and centre stage.

Making changes to your house for the cooler months is easily done on a budget. The Warehouse has sourced far and wide and has a huge range of affordable, quality soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, as well as bedding, décor and heaters  to help you get your home just right for family cocooning with a few simple tricks.

Begin with the bedrooms.

Change the cotton and linen duvet covers and sheets for snuggly flannel-blend ones in blues, charcoals and greys.  Throw a super-soft mink feel blanket on the bed for an added feel-good vibe. Short on space to store summer’s bedding? An upholstered ottoman with built-in storage at the foot of the bed is a great place to stash these.

Get the lighting right.

Due to less daylight hours, adding lamps throughout the house is vital but especially in the bedrooms and living space. Soft candlelight also gives another layer of ambience
to a room and is also your best friend when it comes to flattering lighting.

Add a mirror or two.

Again, this is all about giving the impression of light in rooms. Position them to capture sun during the day or reflect interesting architectural features in the evening.

Finish with cushions and throws.

Cushions are an invitation to get cosy on any sofa or bed. Be generous with them. Add in some darker tones and the odd bright yellow, or go for plush tufted cushions that will add texture to any room. A soft, tactile throw is also compulsory on the couch when you’re watching a movie.


This winter, it’s all about finding the joy in being warm and cosy.  thewarehouse.co.nz



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