These winter essentials will keep you toasty warm all season

Article by Homes to Love

From throws to sheepskin rugs, dressing gowns to bed socks and even a stylish umbrella, we have you sorted with all the winter essentials you need this season. Shop the stylish and cosy items below

Winter has come and our cold toes are feeling its effects. As well as cranking up the temperature on the heat pump, switching your electric blanket on at night and closing the curtains to keep the heat in, we’ve found some stylish homeware to help keep you toasty.

For us, the reality of winter normally means rain rather than snow, so it’s important to have a reliable umbrella in your arsenal. A cosy pair of socks, a snuggly dressing gown and a trusty hot water bottle are also must-haves for after-work attire.

And we can’t forget to layer up the bed with enough blankets to keep warm at night. Add a quilt over your duvet for additional heat and cosiness, or a smaller throw to pull up on extra cool nights.

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