These pretty floral homewares will convince you it’s spring

Article by Homes to Love

Florals for spring? Not groundbreaking, but always well received. Shop our favourite floral looks below

Florals for spring is nothing new, but this seasonal trend gets recycled for a reason. Whether it’s large botanicals or tiny delicate flowers, we can’t help but indulge in some pretty blooms to welcome the new season (and hopefully the warmer weather).

For those who prefer a green colour palette, look for floral prints that favour foliage. Pair with earthy tones for a rustic, natural look.

If you’re worried that spring botanicals are too pretty and frilly for your personal style, think again. Florals can also have a moody, edgy feel. Look for darker colours and intricate designs.

And for those who want to go all out with colour, blooms and pattern; oranges, greens, pinks and yellows abound.

Words by: Bea Taylor

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