These cheese boards will take your platter game to the next level

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Impress your guests and up your platter game with the help of these stylish cheese boards

grazing platter cheese boards

Feeding a crowd? A beautiful grazing platter or a sophisticated cheese board is the perfect solution. But before you head to the shops to buy a basket full of cheese, crackers, dips and dried meats, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect base to present them on.

If simple and elegant is the name of the game, it’s hard to go wrong with an array of creamy cheeses set against a dark marble or slate board.

Have more of a rustic look? Opt for a range of wooden chopping boards as the base for your grazing plate.

And for those who prefer an eclectic look, there’s always a terrazzo platter, gold tray or geometric board to choose from. Take a look at some of our favourites below:


Once you’ve chosen your base, the first item to arrange on your platter are your core ingredients; cheese and dips. Always put your dips and condiments into small serving bowls and place each cheese evenly around the board, allowing space for the other platter items.


Next to go on your platter are crackers and meats. Try to mix it up by choosing different flavours and styles (i.e. an oat biscuit pairs beautifully with blue cheese, whereas a thinner wafer cracker is better suited to goats cheese). Arrange these near the cheese in either a fan shape or stacked, depending on their size.

Tuck your dried meats in beside the crackers and between the dips and cheese. Roll up prosciutto into ribbon-like piles to create texture and height.


Finish off your platter with all the delicious extras. Make sure you get some freshness and colour on the board; try grapes, olives, baby carrots, strawberries and nuts. Use these items to fill up any gaps on your board so it looks full and inviting.

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