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These bar soaps and soap dishes will make it easy to cut out plastic

Article by Homes to Love

Apart from adding a little extra sophistication to your bathroom, bar soap has a few environmental benefits too. We’ve rounded up the best bar soaps and some stylish soap dishes to pair with them. Shop the looks below

Colourful, sculptural and artisanal in design, bar soap is reinventing itself and the new look is a far cry from the un-inspiring blocks of old.

Not only can a swap to bar soap bring sophistication and style to your bathroom, but it can also have a positive impact on the environment; bar soaps typically come with less plastic packaging and can normally be guaranteed to last longer than liquid soap in a pump bottle.

Whilst it promises to bring an element of chic style to your bathroom, what’s not chic is a grimy ring of soap suds on your bathroom counter. For that reason, pairing your bar soap with a stylish and practical soap dish is the best solution.

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