Here’s all you need to set up a stylish and functional laundry room

Make sorting your darks from your whites a soothing experience with textural stone, natural wood and calming pink and white. Here’s what your laundry needs to take it from adequate to aspirational 


Questions to ask yourself when designed a laundry layout:

  • Do you need a dryer for wet days or can you do without?
  • Do you need a shelf for your laundry basket so it can be kept out of the way when not in use?
  • Would you like a bench space for folding clothes?
  • Do you need a decent sink for scrubbing grass stains out of sports gear?
  • Do you need a place to iron and hang clothes?

Make yourself a prioritised list of tasks and plan your compact space so it ticks off at least the top three.

Although stacked laundry appliances might seem like an obvious way to save space, Lucy Sargent from Pocketspace Interiors doesn’t recommend it. “If you are strapped for space, having a front-loading washer and dryer side by side is the way to go. By going for side-by-side you can have a benchtop above, which adds functionality and is also nicer to look at.”

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Styling by: Catherine Wilkinson. Assisted by: Melle van Sambeek and Todd Neal. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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