Why the Chandler & Me Candle Maker kit is the ultimate Christmas gift

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It’s never been easier to make scented soy candles at home thanks to Chandler & Me. Here’s why you need this genius candle making kit for Christmas


Why the Chandler & Me Candle Maker kit is the ultimate Christmas gift

We love how something as simple as lighting a scented candle can completely change the way a space feels. The flickering flame and dreamy fragrance can literally transform a room from practical to relaxing.

If you’re a candle convert like us, you’ll know that this obsession doesn’t come cheap and making a creation at home can end up being more of a science project than an artistic process. You usually need a well trained eye, precise measurements and a lot of trial and error to achieve the right consistency and a lasting scent.

Innovative Kiwi company, Chandler & Me took note of the tricky process behind candle making and made it their mission to make DIY candles accessible to anyone. Chandler & Me founder Brian Simpson says he noticed a lot of home hobbyists giving up as they struggled to manage all the variables involved in candle making. “So I set out to find a way to enable everyone to make consistently good candles at home.”


He says his goal was to create a product that would make candle crafting fun, easy and affordable. So in true number 8 wire fashion, Brian set about trialing and testing different methods and eventually created the Chandler & Me Candle Maker kit.

Named after the medieval term for candle maker, Chandler & Me has removed all of the guesswork from the process by distilling it down to just three steps and 20 minutes. Their fool-proof starter kit comes with premeasured ingredients and an automated Mini Melter that’s self-timed and self-stirring. Genius!


Sustainability is important to Chandler & Me, which is why every kit features eco-friendly ingredients and reusable jars. “(People) throw away their jars once the candle has finished. This seemed a waste, so Chandler & Me enables customers to reuse their jars,” explains Brian. You can pick from their range of stylish jars and exclusive fragrances to personalise your kit, while the pre-measured refill packs make it easy to keep creating.

It’s never been easier to create beautiful, hand poured soy candles. Whether you want to create your own DIY presents or gift the candle making experience to a loved one, just head to Chandler & Me where you can purchase The Candle Maker starter pack. Choose from six stylish jar designs and select your favourite fragrance, which include Vanilla, Woodsage and Seasalt, and Blushed Peony.

Chandler & Me are also offering a voucher for a free refill pack with every Starter Kit purchase. Perfect for Christmas!

Scroll to see the step by step process and discover just how easy candle making can be:

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