14 eye-catching ceramic urns you need in your home

Ceramic ware that was made to stand out. Shop the latest looks below

ceramic urns

From left: Home Republic Eos rings mustard vase, $44.99, from Adairs. Jonathan Adler Eve urn, $365, from Smith & Caughey’s. Amphora toffee thin ear large vase, $39.99, from Adairs. Stoneware pot, $24.99, from H&M Home.

ceramic urns
From left: Slab Ceramics handbuilt vessel #2, $120, from Paper Plane. Amphora toffee thin ear vase, $21.99 (small), from Adairs. Paso vase in peach, $59.99, from Shut The Front Door. Pink ceramic vase, $8.50, from Kmart. Living Space vase, $16, from Spotlight.

ceramic urns
From left: Bobby vase, $250, from Slow Store. Amphora thin circle white vase, $39.99, from Adairs. Stoneware vase, $27.99, from H&M Home. Channon decorative vessel in rose smoke, $34.95, from Freedom. Atlanta vase IV, $105, from Coco Republic. 

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