8 ways to make your laundry cycle quicker and easier

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Before you surrender to your regular wash-dry-fold cycle, try some of these smart laundry solutions. They may just save you time and effort

The battle of the washing pile is a war that is being waged in households across the country. Although these never-ending loads of laundry may feel like an evitable part of being an adult there are some simple and smart ways to make the whole process a lot more efficient. From healthy habits and useful hacks to game-changing AI technology, this collection of tips will help you win the washing war by making your laundry cycle quicker and easier.

1. Separate washing baskets

Having your washing pre-sorted into lights and darks is a simple way to save you time and effort. If you have space, a laundry basket for lights, darks and towels is ideal. Otherwise, you can easily find stylish options that feature a divider to split the colours. Adding a washing basket in the kids’ bedrooms that also have a divider will save you precious minutes come washing day.

2. Quick wash

Like watching a highlight reel or listening to a podcast on double speed, a quick wash is a clever hack that will give you the same results in less time. Although there will still be times you need a longer, heavy-duty setting, an express wash like the 39-minute TurboClean™ from LG’s Front Load Washing Machine is perfect for everyday clothes.

3. Organise your space

Whether you have a dedicated room or just a corner of a closet, your laundry is a space that needs to be thoughtfully organised to make the whole process quicker. In order for it to function well, you need to keep everything within easy reach. A mixture of deep shelving and cabinets are ideal but if you don’t have space storage baskets can do just the trick.

4. Use an app

Hands up if you’ve forgotten about a load of laundry so long that you have to wash it again! When life is busy it can be a struggle to put time aside for a full washing cycle, which is why LG’s wi-fi enabled front loading washing machines are such a game-changer. By using SmartThinQ™ technology and intelligent features you can you remotely start and stop wash cycles, monitor your wash progress and energy consumption. This smart app will also send you alerts to your phone when the cycle is finished so you won’t forget about a load of washing again.

5. Take out the guesswork

For many people, measuring washing powder and choosing washing cycles is a bit of a guessing game. While the best rule of thumb is to use the measuring cups included with your washing powder and following the wash instructions on your clothing labels, AI technology is now helping us take the guesswork out of the whole process. LG’s Front Load Washing Machines feature an Intelligent Clothing Care function that weighs your washing load, assesses fabric softness and then automatically selects the optimal wash cycle for your clothing.

6. Use mesh bags or clips

The amount of time you spend searching for and sorting your socks can be cut down with a couple of washing accessories. If you don’t have too many socks to wash use a mesh bag to keep them all together. Alternatively, you can find sock clips online that can help keep the pairs together. You can even colour code the clips to each member in your house to minimise sorting time.

7. Handwashing hacks

Like any task, it’s more efficient to do similar jobs at once. So if you have a few items you need to hand wash, save time by washing them all on the same day. If you really want to maximise time and minimise effort, LG’s new range of washing machines has a delicate wash cycle that mimics the movement of handwashing through a combination of six motions.

8. Make it a habit

Just like brushing your teeth or having a shower, doing your washing should be a healthy habit you do without having to consciously think about it. By creating a routine around the day and time you do the laundry you’ll be much more efficient with your time and energy.

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