4 expert hacks that will change the way you do laundry

Is there anything better than sinking into bed with freshly washed sheets? Persil are making that all the more satisfying with their new Dual Capsules with built-in stain removers

Editor of Your Home and Garden Kristina Rapley shares her favourite laundry hacks

1. Washing
I love crisp white sheets but they’re so impractical and can stain easily. Persil Dual Capsules make washing them easy. They dissolve quickly and have built-in stain removers so there’s no need for scrubbing, soaking or bleaching. Just throw one in the machine, pop your laundry in and it’s done!

2. Drying
I work long hours during the week and like to keep my weekends as free as possible, and that includes free from housework! I do all my washing on Friday night, even if it’s multiple loads, and hang it out on the line no matter how late. That way most of the hard work is done and I have all day Saturday free to do other things.

3. Folding and storing
I’m obsessed with linen bedding and it’s not cheap, so I take good care of it. After washing and drying I bundle up the whole set together (top sheet, pillowcases & duvet) inside the fitted sheet, so it’s like a beautiful little package waiting to be unwrapped. You never lose the pillowcases and that dreaded fitted sheet is perfect for wrapping.

4. Bedtime bliss
After I’ve put my clean bedding on the bed, I spritz linen spray all over for some extra magic. My favourite is the Scullys Lavender Linen Water – I swear it sends me into the deepest, cosiest sleep. Rosewater spray is also lovely but if you’re keen on making your own with your favourite essential oils there are plenty of ideas and instructions online.

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Photography by: Mike Rooke.

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