10 clever tips for small laundries that will make the space feel bigger

When space is tight, a compact laundry that utilises every nook and cranny is key. Here are our top tips to help make small laundries feel bigger

Small laundry

Mudrooms and large laundry areas may be all the rage, but not all of us have the space for such luxuries. Compact laundries get the job done in a fraction of the space and are ideal for petite homes, apartments and small families.

small laundry

Tips for small laundries

  • Open shelves make everything easily accessible and save on cupboard door clearance space.
  • Front-loading appliances allow for more bench space and are more water-efficient.
  • If you can, build storage all the way to the ceiling to maximise your use of space.
  • “Fold-out ironing boards might seem clever but it’s nicer to be able to move the ironing board around, eg to a warmer part of the house in winter,” says Lucy Sargent from Pocketspace Interiors. Install a tall, skinny cupboard or recessed shelf for your ironing board, and don’t forget a designated shelf or cubby for the iron.
  • A mirrored splashback reflects light and makes small spaces feel larger. Glossy cupboard finishes have the same effect.

A few space-saving extras

  • A rail for hanging damp or ironed clothes.
  • A suspended laundry rack to fully utilise spare ceiling space.
  • A pull-out shelf for resting the laundry basket on, or for folding clothes.
  • Pull-out hampers for easy dumping and sorting of clothes.
  • Under-shelf storage to make use of every centimetre of space.

Words by: Sally Conor. Photography by: Bauer Syndication.

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