The ultimate kitchen hack for a busy home

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Don’t miss out on your morning coffee because you’re in a rush; we have the ultimate kitchen hack for your busy lifestyle

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The ultimate kitchen hack for a busy home

We’ve all heard the surprising facts about how the average person wastes a lot of their time – five years waiting queues, and around six months stuck at traffic lights, but how long do we spend doing unnecessary things around the home?

As our lives get busier technology has allowed us to take time back from everyday tasks – first it was the dishwasher, blender, and washing machine, and now we have the InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Tap.


How it works

Easily installed under the kitchen sink, the InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water Tap is the ultimate hack for time-poor households. It instantly dispenses near boiling or cold filtered water so you never have deal with the time and fuss of boiling a kettle again.

Use it for making hot drinks, speeding up the preparation of pasta or vegetables, quick cleaning, fast sterilising, and all round convenience. The in-line filtration system in every Instant Hot Water Tap also removes odours and impurities for better tasting water and an even more delicious cuppa.

Suit your style

The taps are available in finishes of brushed stainless steel and polished chrome so whether you’re into the sleek or rustic look, it’s easy for you to match your tap to your kitchen style.


Design and innovation

Not only is InSinkErator® leading suppliers for instant hot water, they have revolutionised the on-demand-hot-water-market with the new NeoTank™. This water tank connects to your tap and through the use of innovative designs and the latest technology the NeoTank™ can provide the highest quality of filtered near-boiling and ambient water direct from the kitchen sink.

With a five-year in-home limited warranty on the tap and two-year full warranty on the tank, you can rest assured that you’ve invested in a high quality, reliable product.

The NeoTank™ will be available from January 2017 and for more information visit or call 0800 200 520.


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