A modern kitchen renovation with mid century style

Discover how a kitchen designer turned her expertise to her own home to create a clever space with thoughtful design, loads of storage and mid century vibes


A modern kitchen renovation with mid century style

Who lives here?
Toni Roberts (kitchen designer) and Ken Roberts (accountant), Jesse, 19, and Stephanie, 18 (both students), plus Smudge the cat.

Who designed the kitchen?
Toni Roberts, Kitchen Architect.


Design process 

The project
This new-build was designed by kitchen designer Toni Roberts for her own family, with the kitchen doubling as a showroom for her business.


What was your creative process?
Toni: I started with my usual process of interviewing the client – in this case my husband, Ken, who loves to create new and delicious meals in the kitchen. The layout (with my design assistant Julie Jenkins’ design input) was presented to the family for discussion and refinement. Together we organised the spaces and fittings, then decided on our priorities based on the value they added alongside their visual appeal.

What style were you going for?
The kitchen’s walnut veneer features pay homage to the mid-century modern aesthetic of the home’s architecture. The gold-leaf light and glossy doors add a touch of Hollywood glam.


Favourite features 

What were your must-haves?
The ability for people to sit at the end of the island as well as along it for easy connection and conversation. A tidy kitchen without the frustration of searching for items or having to awkwardly shift things out of the way. Loads of accessible storage – achieved with toe-kick drawers, full-depth drawers, internal dividers and adjustable fittings. Plus an easy flow onto the northwest deck for relaxed entertaining.


How does the kitchen work for you?
It’s a dream! The most important ‘client’ is in his element. Even a year on, we still comment about how clever aspects of the kitchen are. It’s so easy to keep clean, the dedicated workspaces mean we’re not falling over each other, the dishwasher is emptied in a flash, there is plenty of space to quickly prepare meals, and we’ve entertained more than ever because it’s such a joy.

What do you love most about the space?
There’s lots to love. Sitting at the end of the island with winter sun on your back but without glare on the iPad; sliding away a serving tray above the fridge even though I’m short; knowing what needs to go on the shopping list at a glance because snack drawers are divided by type; and the easy-care Corian benchtops.

Total: Approx $75,000

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Vanessa Lewis.

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