This modern family kitchen has the ultimate minimalist style

Textured marble, warm oak and polished concrete combine to create a family kitchen with the most impeccable minimalist style 


This modern family kitchen has the ultimate minimalist style

Who lives here?
A family with two young children.

Who designed the kitchen?
Sam Williams, Cook Sargisson Pirie & Williams Architects.

Who was the cabinetmaker?
David Shaw, DJS Cabinetry.

Fresh start

The project
An extension to an old home provided an opportunity to build a new kitchen with state-of-the-art cabinetry.


Design process 

What was the brief?
Sam: We were asked to enlarge the existing home to better suit the needs of the family. The owners also wanted to create a larger living area and kitchen with a better connection to the back garden.

What issues did the owners want to fix with their new kitchen design?
The kitchen was pretty original – it was installed back in the 1930s. The new extension provided an opportunity to start afresh and create a modern family-friendly space.

Design brief

What style were you aiming for?
David: The aim was to create a relaxed space amidst the chaos of family life. This was achieved by using natural materials and adding a large skylight. The American oak and marble finishes offer a warm, welcoming feel and are offset by crisp white walls and polished concrete floors.


Budget and timeline

How long did the renovation take?
The whole extension took about two years from the initial meeting with the architects. When it came time to work on the kitchen, we came onboard and worked out the finer details of the design. We spent at least 50 hours alone clashing the panels (adding a protective edging).

What did the owners splurge on?
The benchtop and splashback made from white wood grain marble. They are a beautiful feature of the space.


Finer details 

Any challenges during the fit-out?
All the panels are oak veneer clashed with 10mm solid timber. We also created a solid-timber handle detail which required a 45-degree angle. This meant that the tops of all the drawers and doors required 30mm clashing, to allow for this detail. The corners of each panel had to be mitred. This type of finish cannot be done by machine. Every panel, edge and handle detail had to be finished by hand. We had a passion for the project and the detail speaks for itself.

Total: Approx $60,000

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Larnie Nicolson.

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