This considered Karaka kitchen design is an entertainer’s dream

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This country home’s welcoming kitchen is worth congregating in, thanks to its thoughtful design


This considered Karaka kitchen design is an entertainer’s dream.

Most of us already know the challenge that comes with keeping guests out of the kitchen. A dinner party may be in the next room, but someone will always want to help you prepare, and drinks on the deck inevitably flow into the kitchen, where ice and refreshing chatter are sure to be found lingering by the bench as the host searches for more tumblers.

But instead of shooing guests away from this busy zone, why not design your kitchen to cater to every event? Natalie Du Bois, of Du Bois Designer Kitchens and Interiors, was tasked with creating a contemporary kitchen in this Karaka home, with a spacious island connected to a food bar to keep conversations flowing, and a larder tucked behind a wall of cabinetry to keep necessary mess out of sight of visitors.


Blum hardware is crucial behind the scenes to ensure every inch of the kitchen performs to the utmost. Legrabox inner drawer systems spring to action behind each panel, so there’s no need to even reach into the cupboard. The smart design means each drawer can be fitted exactly above the tallest item on the shelf below so there are no gaps or wasted space. The Legrabox drawers in Terra Black finish match perfectly to the black oak of the island.

Paired with dark Ambia-Line dividers, even the insides of the drawers are elegant and well organised should anyone delve in, hunting for the corkscrew.

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