Five ways to add colour to your kitchen

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Adding your signature style to your kitchen can be a simple as using some colour. Get inspired with these five ways to bring a pop of colour to your kitchen


Five ways to add colour to your kitchen

Achieving a bright, fresh kitchen that showcases your personality doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive task. Give your kitchen a shot of colour with these simple solutions:


1. Paint a pop of colour

A quick lick of paint is an easy way to brighten a dull kitchen. Try not to do one bright, blanket-colour; this can make the room appear smaller and it can be time-consuming to update in the future.

Instead opt for a pop of colour in a feature wall or add bold accents to cupboards or drawers. A favourite colour hack for many designers is to paint the inside of an open cabinet. It’s a subtle yet sure-fire way to inject your style into the space.


2. Add colourful accessories

Many people underestimate the impact accessories can have on a space. The easiest and most cost-effective way to add your personality into a kitchen is through colourful accents. Keep your base neutral – this means your appliances, bench top, curtains, and then layer with bright accessories. Think bright linens, fruit bowls and water jugs.

The BRITA fill&enjoy Fun Water Filter Jug is a small, smart way to add a vibrant splash to your kitchen. We love that it’s a practical product that’s also thought about design and colour, and because it’s reusable it’s a much smarter choice for the environment. They have four expressive colours to choose from, and its compact 1.5 litre size means it’s perfect for adding a colour-pop to your kitchen without cluttering your bench-top.


3. Make a statement backsplash

In traditional kitchen design your stove and cooking area are usually the main focus of the room, which means they are often the first thing people notice when they come in. A striking way to create a colourful statement in your kitchen is with your backsplash.

There are many materials and options available to suit your style – a glass backsplash in a zingy, bright colour is simple to install and easy to clean. Or choose from colourful tiles that have creative patterns or an interesting cut – the hexagon shape is currently the hottest tile trend.


4. Get living colour

Bring uplifting energy and instant colour to your kitchen with a plant on your bench top or window sill. A little pot of herbs like basil or mint will give your kitchen a fantastic fresh smell, and add living colour to your space. If your kitchen is on the small side you could try wall mounted planter boxes instead. A really simple way to incorporate living colour is displaying your fruit. Use a wide-lipped bowl in your specific colour and pile high with fruit!


5. Invest in colourful appliances

Investing in a bright appliance is a striking, modern way to inject colour into your kitchen. Although this is more of a splurge option it’s a statement piece you’ll have for many years. Choose a statement fridge in eye-popping reds and greens or, depending on your taste, more subtle corals and duck-egg blues.

Kitchenware companies are getting pretty creative with their appliances these days and you can add a pop of colour to your kitchen in unexpected places. We’re especially impressed by sinks in bright intense blues, and sleek ovens that feature vivid interiors.

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