5 essential kitchen zones to help you organise your home

Take the guess work out of kitchen design by splitting your space into zones. We round up five dynamic zones that will transform your home


5 essential kitchen zones to help you organise your home

No matter what your budget is, you can have a kitchen that is both beautiful and practical. The key is to nail your layout and maximise the space you have available. A layout that optimises your kitchen footprint is about planning, not price. Following a virtual string study, kitchen experts Blum have defined five zones that you should split your kitchen into. By doing this, you will make your space and storage work harder and more efficiently. Check out the five essential zones below and transform your space.


1. Consumables

This space will include your pantry as well as your fridge and freezer. Consider how often your household shops, whether you store bulk items such as baking goods and ensure that all items are easy to reach.

Tip: If you are planning a walk-in pantry, this zone will be duplicated.

2. Non-consumables 

Cutlery, crockery, glasses, plastic containers and more. As many of your non-consumables are dishwasher safe, your non-consumables and cleaning zone should be close together.

Tip: Thinking about storage needs per zone is a great way to figure out if they need to be optimised and made smaller or larger.

3. Cleaning 

This zone features a sink and dishwasher as well as storage for cleaning products and washing-up items. A hygienic rubbish solution is important – a Servo-Drive uno allows the bin drawer to be opened with your hip or knee when your hands are full.

If you’re planning a butler’s pantry or scullery you may want a duplicate cleaning zone.


4. Preparation 

Everything should be at hand as this is the main work area for your kitchen. From whisks to knives, chopping boards to oils, this zone needs bench and storage space that is fit-for-purpose. With a minimum of 900mm in width, consider a large preparation zone for a multi-chef household.

5. Cooking

Think pots, pans, dishes, cooking and baking implements. Is your cooking zone safe and ergonomic?

Testing time

Empty the dishwasher, make breakfast, lunch, dinner and a cup of coffee. Imagine each task as part of your kitchen plans, are the positioning and size of the five zones right for your personal kitchen needs?

A physical Kitchen Test Drive can set up in 1:1 scale at the Blum Auckland Showroom with our movable modules. If you have your plans already, book an appointment!

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