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This Wellington family has filled their sunny home with fun style

For the Stevens family, their spacious, sun-loving Wellington sanctuary is the perfect base to show off their personal style. We find out how they mix vintage pieces with modern living

This Wellington family has filled their sunny home with fun style

Amanda Stevens, Ben Stevens, both real-estate agents, Matilda, 7, Cecelia, 5, and Charlotte, 3, plus Tallulah Bear the black Labrador.

Amanda’s style tips

  • Beautifully dressed beds can have a great effect on buyers, and Amanda loves to repeat the look at home. It’s easily done with euro cushions and lovely linen, providing a real sense of luxury for family and guests.
  • Amanda favours good-quality fabric in natural materials and particularly loves white duvet covers which are easy to bleach and allow her to simply and inexpensively change a bedroom’s look.
  • Old furniture can’t be beat in Amanda’s view. She hunts for pieces on Trade Me and in vintage shops.
  • Incorporating items with a history, especially those from family, is also important to her. A crocheted rug from one grandmother, a handmade elephant toy from another, and small toys from the couple’s childhoods are now part of their daughters’ lives.
  • Rather than follow trends, Amanda sticks to what she likes and isn’t afraid of liberal splashes of colour.

Honesty box

The couple were lucky enough to buy this house when the renovation was almost finished. But while Amanda loves the design, she does miss carpets and curtains, especially on a cold winter’s evening. The house is warm all year round but there is something to be said for cosying up in front of a roaring fire and shutting out the world, she says. However, they have recently laid carpet in the kids’ area, choosing a lush loop-pile wool carpet that goes some way to creating the kind of inviting and comforting environment they love.


The biggest items in the living space were the sofa and rug, which came in at around $15,000 in total from BoConcept. They were an indulgence but Amanda loves them and they have changed the way the family use the space. The large textured rug is extremely comfortable and a good substitute for carpet. Most other items have been gifted to the couple, such as the school box and chest.

The floral feature wallpaper in the kids’ area cost $1500 and the blue velvet sofa was around $2000.

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Words by: Sharon Stephenson. Photography by: Nicola Edmonds.

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