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This Waterview bungalow received an eclectic new look

A small bungalow needed a complete makeover and jewellery designer Cathy Pope was more than happy to take up the challenge 

This Waterview bungalow received an eclectic new look

Meet and greet

Cathy Pope (jewellery designer and television costume stylist), Martin Hermans (advertising creative), plus dog Senna and cats Trixie and Gem.

Why did you decide to purchase your home?

We needed a large house because my brother was living with us while recovering from a brain injury. We didn’t have a massive budget and it was in an area we’d been renting in. We could also see it had lots of potential.

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic. Martin would prefer modern minimalist but I like clutter so the combination works well for us. We both love colour and are not afraid to mix things up.

Best moment during the process?

For Martin, the initial repaint and tidy-up made an enormous difference, but for me the new waterfall granite kitchen bench was the highlight. When we first moved in, we replaced the kitchen, but we made a poor decision about a dark Formica kitchen benchtop. The renovation four years later was the perfect opportunity to change it.

What’s your favourite feature of the new space?

The redevelopment of our rear deck has made the outdoor area so much more pleasant and usable. The seated nook outside by the pool would be our favourite space. It’s gone from a messy corner housing the dog kennel and barbecue to the most utilised space outside. It feels like an outside lounge – we can sit there in the morning or evening and it’s cosy and protected, and great for entertaining.

Total spend

$150, 000

What did you save on?

A friend of mine painted the house and we did our best to find the best deals. We tried to save on everything but it wasn’t always possible, so we haven’t managed to complete everything we set out to do.

What did you splurge on?

The granite benchtop in the kitchen is a great example of an over- specification, but I love it and it does make the kitchen look incredible. We decided to do two bathrooms rather than just the one. After we saw the spare bathroom looking so beautiful, we realised that our ensuite didn’t look so great, so it had to be done, too. The new layout included a large shower that looks out over the harbour with amazing views. The new glass pool fence was also expensive but necessary.

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Fact file

Exterior painted in Resene ‘Edward’.

Carpet from Carpet Court.

Living/Dining Couches from Freedom, reupholstered by Krishna Upholstery Works. Vintage Indian textile on wall. Vintage coffee table. Rug from Flooring Xtra. Dining table secondhand. Dining chairs from Trade Me.

Kitchen Italian granite bench from Stone Warehouse.

Bedroom Bedding from Foxtrot Home. Bed base from Freedom. Lights from Lighting Plus.

Ensuite Tiles from Tile Depot. Bath and vanity from Plumbing World.

Exterior Pool fence from Balustrading Concepts. Sofa from Freedom. Table and chairs secondhand.

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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