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This laid back Titirangi home channels trendy Byron Bay style

This creative couple’s home, perched amid a kanuka glade, has a relaxing, open-plan living area that makes the most of its treetop vista

This Byron Bay inspired Titirangi home is laid back living in style

Jocelyn Closs and Ryan MacPherson call their Titirangi, Auckland, home a “tree house”. With its modern stained ply exterior, mono-pitched roof and surf-beach-inspired interior, this house has the laidback vibe of a cosy hideaway far from the city.

With backgrounds in advertising and fashion in New Zealand and Canada, it’s no surprise Jocelyn and Ryan have a highly evolved sense of style, as does Camp Cloon, the popular dogwear brand they started in 2015 and named after their beloved cavoodle (a poodle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross), Clooney.

What do you love most about your home?

Ryan: We’ve lived here for five years and, over that time, have had a blast putting our stamp on it – from flooring inside to decking outside. I love that we have really made it our own.

Jocelyn: We’re only 25 minutes from the CBD and yet we’re completely immersed in native flora and fauna here – we absolutely love coming home to our relaxing retreat after a busy day.

How would you describe your interior style?

Jocelyn: We like to keep things simple but really value texture and colour. We’ve always liked the modern, bohemian aesthetic you see in places like Byron Bay – open, bright and beachy with greenery, muted tones and lots of natural accents like wood, linen and leather.

What are your favourite things to do in this room?

Ryan: Watching the sun come up through the trees with a coffee is always a nice start to the day – as is spotting the odd kererū. Cloon also spends most of his time here, so his antics serve as entertainment for anyone that stops by.

How have you achieved this look in your living area?

Jocelyn: Our living, lounge and kitchen blend into one another, so we’ve created a nice flow throughout by mixing natural textures like wool, linen, flax, rattan, and cottons. We don’t really care much for flowers but have a soft spot for indoor plants and love the feeling natural greenery brings to a space.

What are your favourite features?

Jocelyn: The sliding oak door is definitely a favourite. This was actually sealed off when we bought the house but Ryan worked with a local woodworker to build it, and it has become a feature that ties our space together.

Ryan: It’s great that we can talk with guests in the lounge while we’re cooking in the kitchen – having an open space allows the different areas to flow together nicely.

What are your favourite homeware pieces?

Jocelyn: My favourite pieces in the room are the butterfly chair by Kanuka Collective, an earlier brand of ours – this was the original sample and it’s just getting better with age. The print above our sofa is a one-off and we think it adds a bit of interest to the space, too. Lastly, our ceramic coffee cups from Thea, Waiheke, are a beautiful handmade touch.

Ryan: Our oak table by Nood – it’s ridiculously heavy and amazing for entertaining.

Words by: Jessica-Belle Greer. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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