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This new mum transformed a wardrobe in her tiny home into a nursery

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When this couple found out they were pregnant they cleverly transformed a closet in their 33-square-metre home into a gorgeous nursery


This new mum transformed a wardrobe in her tiny home into a nursery

A woman from the States has proven size certainly isn’t everything – after creating a beautiful living space inside her 33 square metre home.

Whitney Leigh Morris and her husband Adam Winkleman weren’t ready to leave their cosy Venice Beach home when they found out they were expecting a child.

So rather than move out of their small – but perfectly formed – canal home, the Californian couple simply adapted it to their needs – and the results are incredible.

And while some parents understandably spend weeks getting their dedicated nursery ready for their new arrival, Whitney and Adam transformed a wardrobe space into the perfect little nook for their newborn.

“Adam and I opted for a ‘work with what you’ve got’ approach and updated our existing spaces, rather than expanding or structurally redesigning parts of the house,” Whitney wrote on her blog The Tiny Canal Cottage.

With the help of a handy man, an Etsy membership and a penchant for seeking out vintage wonders, the couple created their ‘baby bay,’ as they lovingly refer to it.

Complete with mini crib, drawers for storing baby clothes, twinkle lights and plants – this is one of the most stylish transformations we’ve ever seen.

And in the small garden space just outside the baby nook, the couple have created a snug little area complete with rocking chair, throws, rugs and space for their new arrival to explore.

The couple purchased their 1924 canal cottage in 2011, and have spent the past five years transforming it into their home.

Whitney’s advice to other small home dwellers?

“You don’t need to start from scratch to transform your existing square-footage into a space that better suits your evolving needs,” Morris writes in her blog.

“With a bit of creativity and paint, you can turn a box into a Bay. You don’t need to live large to live beautifully!”

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