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Kip & Co co-founder opens the doors to her inspiring family home

Kip & Co co-founder Hayley Pannekoecke’s home offers a masterclass in using quirky colour and texture to create inspirational spaces

Meet and greet

Hayley Pannekoecke, co-founder of lifestyle brand Kip & Co, James Pannekoecke, builder, Chloe, 10, Baye, 7, and Floyd, 6, plus dogs Jaffa and Cookie.

Kip & Co co-founder opens the doors to her inspiring family home

Seventies floral carpets, an orange retro kitchen and mission-brown bricks would send most house hunters running for the hills. But Hayley Pannekoecke, co-founder of homeware and clothing brand Kip & Co, saw past the dated decor of a tiny house on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, and visualised what would be her future family home.

Within weeks of buying the house, Hayley and her builder husband James began demolition. Fast forward two years and their Scandi-meets-Aussie renovation is complete. We took a look inside this bright, beautiful home and found plenty of inspiration for creating a cosy and colourful winter nest.

Use a playful palette

There was no question Hayley’s home would embrace the same playful colour palettes that the Kip & Co brand is known for. “I was born with a love for colour and pattern, I’ve always been drawn to them,” Hayley says. “I wanted to create a space that had a calm, feminine energy, so I chose shades of pink for some of the walls in our kitchen area and bathrooms.” Rosy shades ranging from pale blush to fabulous fuchsia are cooled by deep blues and concrete greys, but eclectic soft furnishings are everywhere and Hayley frequently changes up the colour combos, especially on the beds. “I love a spot of rearranging to freshen things up,” she says.

Be inspired by summer

Even when it’s cool outside there’s always a coastal vibe at the Pannekoecke family seaside home. Summer style can be spotted throughout – for example, Hayley wanted the kids’ bathroom to look and feel like a pool so she chose navy pool tiles and accessorised with plush Kip & Co towels to create a poolside, holiday feeling all year round. Elsewhere, textures such as rattan are a throwback to retro summer style, while lush tropical plants and cacti can be found in nearly every room.

But embrace winter

“Our house lends itself really well to a bit of layering,” says Hayley, “so in winter, I bring out the blankets and throw a few on the couch, as well as dragging out a couple of Kip & Co woollen rugs to add some texture and warmth.” And the family’s other winter secret? “We have a double-sided open fireplace! So it’s easy to warm things up when that is alight,” she says.

Think in the round

“I have always had an affinity for round windows and curved walls,” Hayley says. “They add a real softness and ambience to a space.” The couple added several round windows to their home, which create a gorgeous framing effect, as well as removing hard corners and edges and inviting relaxation. Think about smoothing over awkward corners in your transitional spaces or creating an arched doorway between your dining and living areas to foster a feeling of comfort and enclosure in your home.

Use unexpected materials

Hayley and James’ home is scattered with surprising textures – a Reduxr O’branch wall light in the master bedroom is actually made from an ostrich eggshell. “These guys are my absolute favourite lighting designers,” Hayley says. Her bedside table is topped with rose quartz from India, while daughter Chloe’s ensuite is tiled in striking stone sourced by Beaumont Tiles.

The kitchen features a variety of different textures including concrete panelling for the walls, plaster painted in the softest pink and an American oak parquetry floor. A colourful assortment of rugs, sheepskins, linen curtains and wicker baskets adds to the rainbow of textures throughout this home, delighting all the senses.

But the one texture Hayley loves most, especially during winter, is: “Velvet, velvet, velvet! Velvet just screams winter so it is the perfect time to get out the velvet bedding,” she says. Velvety textures also recur throughout the home in cushions and lounge furniture.

Create cosy nooks

Busy family homes need secluded spots for rest and privacy. As well as enjoying meals at their huge kitchen bench-cum-dining-table, the Pannekoeckes can dine, read or do homework in a kitchen snug furnished with custom-made tan leather benches and pink velvet chairs. Nearby, on one side of the double-sided fireplace, Hayley and James also created a reading nook where the family can chill out and play Uno or the kids can practise guitar.

At the top of the house, the loft has been converted into a secluded spare room for family and friends, who can relax in the swinging chair from Byron Bay Hanging Chairs. “I’d like to change up the loft at some stage and convert it into a parents’ retreat, complete with lounge, open-plan bathroom, office and bedroom,” says Hayley.

Have fun with furniture

If you’re looking for an off-white ottoman or a beige banquette, you won’t find it in this home. Pink bar stools, tie-dyed foot stools and a dramatic blue velvet sofa are par for the course. All the beds are decked out in layers of multicoloured linens from Kip & Co and vivid artwork is everywhere, from paintings by one of Hayley’s favourite local artists, Sam Michelle, to the kids’ latest art projects. One of the standout pieces is up in the boys’ shared bedroom – as well as crafting the concrete bathroom vanities, James also built the bunk beds. “They double as a pirate ship, baddies’ base and cubby house!” says Hayley.

Put family first

Everyone had a say when it came to choosing colours and furnishings for the house, but Hayley says there was method to her madness. “I only gave them a handful of options – a mum edit!” As a result, she loves the space they’ve created together. “Our home is user-friendly and built for a family. I’m not precious about ‘things’ as they aren’t really what’s important in life, after all,” she says.

The house is organised around communal spaces where the family can spend time with people who matter. “Our giant kitchen bench doubles as a dining table and servery,” says Hayley. “I’m trying to instil good eating habits and appreciation of food in our kids – we have so many fond memories of meals and good times with friends and family.”

Words by: Brooke Campbell and Sally Conor. Photography by: Nikole Ramsay. Styling by Amber Lenette.

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