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The interior of this rustic farmhouse is transformed with rich design

Article by Simply You

The designer’s love of metals and a passion for all things fashion are the driving forces behind her superbly realised single-level living quarters


The interior of this rustic farmhouse is transformed with rich design

The first house belongs to Claudia Cennamo. She left the fashion company, Celyn B, founded by the sisters’ father, after he died, and along with her husband, Marco, and their daughter, Zelda, set off in a new direction, both domestically and professionally, at Podere Bussolaio.


Claudia and Marco live and work together, sharing a common passion for fashion. They founded two new brands, No Knitwear and Dimora, and work together on designs for both. Fashion rules their life: discussing it, studying new collections, poring over fashion books to get new ideas. Their house is like an interactive and inspirational fashion museum, full of items linked to the glittering world of design.


The first thing guests see when they cross the threshold is a large, custom-made library, designed by B-arch, displaying unique items, including accessories and bags from important brands, collected over the years by Claudia.

The interiors are full of natural light. Rooms follow one another without any major barriers. This house was designed to be open, flowing and free from strict rules. Stained-glass windows opening onto a garden of olive trees bring a breath f fresh air to the interior. The living room is reached from a central kitchen which also functions as a lounge. Here family and guests chat over a glass of wine and eat sitting by the fireplace. It’s a setting that’s casual and chic.


The living area used to be the barn, and structural elements left from that incarnation give the room a special rustic flavour, while concrete floors and floor-to-ceiling glazing add a modern touch. This area, so full of light, is one of the owners’ favourites. It’s the perfect spot to relax on the leather sofa, enjoying nature’s display through the windows.

After fashion, Claudia’s other passion is metals, and throughout the house there are small metallic accents in the form of vintage objects scattered here and there, a shimmering mix of gold, copper and silver. Complementing these are impressive second-hand chandeliers, their sinuous shapes and eye-catching aesthetics in sharp contrast to the simple colour-neutral background.


In all the rooms, contemporary pieces, such as the Platner velvet armchairs by Knoll and the leather sofa by Living Divani, sit comfortably next to the likes of wide tables and storage designed by the architects with functionality as the priority.

The large main bedroom features a double bed with a stunning metallic art nouveau headboard. At the foot of the bed is a 1970s armchair whose sinuous lines echo those of the headboard.


Nothing is left to chance. Even shoes on the floor appear like works of art. “Shoes – I love them!” says Claudia with a big smile. The huge wardrobe is home to a creative collection of clothes and accessories – a giant treasure chest in which you can lose yourself. Everything here is exposed, to be admired, touched, enjoyed. “This wardrobe tells about me, my life, my trips. Everything it contains has a sentimental value for me,” says Claudia.


The main bathroom, next to the bedroom, is also large and elegant, with a precious gold and black background and jewels on display. Eccentric style and free juxtapositions are exactly what the owners wanted for the project. Just as it is in their fashion, originality is an invaluable feature of their home.

Words by: Marzia Nicolini. Photography by: Monica Spezia/Living Inside.

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