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How indoor plants have transformed this Tauranga new-build

Hopping straight from one new-build to another has given this family an instant upgrade and the chance to experiment with finishes

Meet + greet

Shaye Woolford, 33 (owner of On My Hand floral design studio), Blair Woolford, 39 (general manager of sales), Hunter, 10, and George, 8, plus Benoit the dog and Willow the cat.

Shaye’s styling tips

1. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and, if you can afford to, invest in good furniture that will last.

2. Having flowers in your home is one of the simplest and easiest ways to lift your spirits. Choose one variety and use it en masse. Sometimes just a snip of foliage is enough to freshen up a corner of the room. Using dried flowers is also a cool way to introduce botanicals without things dying and having to be replaced.

3. Indoor plants add an extra dimension and seem to finish off a room. If you’re new to plants, start with succulents or cacti. Rhipsalis is one of the easiest to grow – it will forgive you if you don’t have a set watering schedule. As well as watering, always feed your plants: every two weeks in spring and every now and then over summer. Leave them in winter and autumn. Check them for bugs, tell them you love them, and keep their soil fresh and topped up.

Honesty box

Any regrets? Shaye: I wish I’d been on site when certain things were installed. I’m disappointed with some of the finishing for the lighting, but on the whole we are pretty happy with everything.

Any challenges when building? You’d have a lot more scope for changes if you were project managing yourself, rather than relying on third parties.

Favourite room in the house? I love my bedroom. It’s calming, cool and I love to look out to my flower garden, fernery and the ficus growing up the wall. It’s also a nice chill-out area to read and do yoga. Blair loves the formal lounge, putting the fire on in winter and watching the rugby with a glass of whisky.

Best memories in your home? This year has been my favourite to date, as the garden has established itself, something you can’t see in the photos as they were taken on a dreary day.

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Photography by: Alice Veysey.

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