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Inside an impressive family home filled with tranquil Scandi style

Tranquil blues, white tongue-and-groove walls and Scandi style furniture create a calm vibe in this family home

Meet + Greet

Emma Zanchetta, (interior designer), Richard Zanchetta, (construction company managing director), Oliver, 6, Willow, 5, Ivy, 3, and Finn, 1.

Favourite bits

1. The living space

“Our family room is used the most as the kids are still little so they like to play fairly close by. The floor is constantly covered in block towers and fortresses they’ve built,” says Emma. “Richard and I also love the living area, mainly for its connection to the outdoors. Even on a grey, rainy day, we can look out and watch the weather through the glass. On warm, sunny days you’ll find us out on the deck, shaded by the tree.”

2. The pool

Emma and Richard spent a couple of years building their home and rewarded themselves with a new pool. “It was a renovation of the existing pool, which was originally a Roman shape,” says Emma. “We squared it off and introduced steps and a ledge for the kids. Trying to find a pool tile that we loved and thought would complement our house took a while, but we are really happy with the end result.”

3. The outside

The home’s exterior cladding was treated with shou sugi ban, the Japanese method of using fire to blacken and seal timber. “We splurged on things like the cladding and the large glass sliding doors at the rear,” says Emma, “but we saved money by cutting back on the front fence, which is brush rather than bluestone, and by refurbishing the pool instead of putting in a new one.”

See more of their Scandi style below 

Text by: Deborah Grant. Styling by: Deni Jones. Photography by: Jacqui Way.

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