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How to style your home like Augustine designer Kelly Coe

Augustine designer, Kelly Coe’s home is a celebration of colour, pattern and texture. Get expert interior style tips and discover where to shop her look

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How to style your home like Augustine designer Kelly Coe 

Kelly is the designer for her own fashion label, Augustine, and if you’re a fan of her beautiful clothing you’ll be familiar with her fondness for colour. She isn’t afraid of bold hues and patterns so it’s hardly surprising to see colour and texture feature heavily in her home. The couple took possession of their St Heliers house in June last year but decided to give it a makeover before moving in.

“When we saw this house, we were instantly sold,” recalls Kelly. In fact, she was sold before walking through the door. “I’ve always loved black houses,” she says. “I was instantly drawn to the crisp, dark exterior.”

Kelly’s Style Secrets

Don’t be afraid to mix metals

+ Because the rest of the house is so brave, there’s no need to worry about gold, stainless steel, brass and iron competing with one another.

Add colour and pattern

+ Don’t be afraid to play with pattern, it brings a sense of fun and adventure into your space.
+ Introduce a colourful pattern into a plain area; this will also highlight your design choices.
+ Pattern and colour both dictate mood so be careful not to overload the senses.
+ When using bold colour, take your cues from nature. Kelly mixed sky blues and earthy browns for her base palette.


+ Accessories can easily be replaced to reflect changing trends or tastes – so be bold and have a bit of fun with them.

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Kelly Coe

Words by: Annick Larkin. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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