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How to care for indoor plants and cacti according to The Botanist

Florist Eden Kersten of The Botanist has a unique way of bringing nature into her home. She shares her expert care tips to help your indoor plants thrive

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Eden’s top 5 indoor plant tips

  • Fail-safe indoor plants include Monstera deliciosa, philodendrons, begonias and cacti.
  • To see if a plant needs water, check soil and water if it is dry. I water most of my plants once a month in the bath, and water the spathiphyllum every two weeks.
  • Ensure your pots have holes for drainage, or otherwise place pumice in the base of the pot.
  • Water the leaves as well as the soil by placing plants under a shower or tap.
  • Plants love natural light but should be kept out of direct sunlight to ensure the leaves don’t burn.

Eden’s cacti tips 

  • Cacti are super easy to look after as they barely need watering. They are also slow growers so you shouldn’t need to re-pot them for years.
  • Cacti scar easily so be gentle when transporting them and try not to touch or move them unnecessarily.
  • Be careful to avoid spines. You may want to get spineless cacti if you have young children.
  • Keep an eye out for mould. If cacti grow mould, or if they break, bruise or scar, you can shave the area with a knife to help it heal and eventually form a callus. Shave on a slant and allow it to drain and dry out (you may have to do this a couple of times).
  • You can transform the shape of a cactus by cutting it and allowing new offshoots (pups) to grow.
  • You can keep cacti anywhere – indoors with heaters on, outside or even in the bathroom.

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Styling by: Catherine Wilkinson. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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