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This collector curated her home with classic designs and vintage pieces

Classic design and vintage pieces mix with intentionally provocative art in this cleverly curated family home in Aahurs, Denmark

The first time Bianca Heinsvig entered this newly built house in 2014, she didn’t think much of it. But when she walked 15 steps further in and discovered the cosy atrium courtyard and beautiful view from the living room across fields and a small lake, she began to change her mind.

But the most important discovery in the 155-square-metre home in Hasselager, just outside the Danish city of Aarhus, was that it had both a large kitchen and, if they tore down a wall in the living room, the spacious family room that she dreamed of.

“I am a collector and I love furniture, lamps, ceramics and art,” Bianca says. “I often crave something for a long time while I save up for it. There needed to be enough room for all the things I have fallen in love with.”

Living with legends

Bianca’s special finds include items from Danish design icons Verner Panton and Hans J Wegner. “My favourite chair is Wegner’s Shell chair because it is so sculptural,” she says. “I like the organic design language. As soon as there is a sculptural feature about a design, I love it. It’s like installation art.” Her favourite design period is the 1950s and 1960s. “It’s the period that has paved the way for today’s design.”

Alongside her Danish favourites, Bianca has begun to introduce Italian design into the mix. In her home, among other things, you’ll now find the Snoopy lamp from Flos – a design classic from the 1960s – and a Giacomo Alessi woman’s-head vase.

“I am constantly evolving my tastes and have started to become more interested in international vintage design to achieve a unique look,” Bianca says. “I have a need to stand out and I also like to treasure-hunt.”

Don’t buy anything that fits into your home too easily.

It’s too predictable. Go for eye-catching instead

Art with purpose

In addition to a unique furniture mix, Bianca loves to showcase her personal taste in art. It has become a passion, and every room is home to works by various artists and in a range of media.

“Art is a way of expressing oneself, and the art on the walls tells you about the person living there,” she says. “Whether it is decorative art you have chosen because it is neat, political art with a statement, or maybe provocative art where you’d like to press some buttons. I have some works, such as the large one by Kristian Touborg (in the living room), where some guests react immediately and say, ‘Wow, this is horrible.’ You are forced to take a position on the work, and I like that.”

Other pieces include oil paintings, photos and lithographs, from both noted and little-known artists. Bianca deliberately tries to have a little of each in order for the works to stand out.

When asked for her advice on decorating with art, she is overflowing with tips and ideas. “You should buy according to your gut feeling instead of looking at what is the trend right now,” she says. “Also, hanging art on a coloured wall highlights the nuances of the work. Don’t buy anything that fits into your home too easily – go for eye-catching instead. Whether it is art, ceramics or furniture, my motto is that it should pop!”

Words by: Pia Olsen/Living Stories. Photography by: Anitta Behrendt/Living Inside.

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