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How this family maximises space in their small, stylish Devonport home

After renovating a small unit into a spacious family home, these homeowners know exactly how to make the most out of tight spaces

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Lily Richards, 34 (relationship and marketing lead at Revolution Creative), Mat Iliohan, 37 (martial arts teacher), Osis, 10, and Winter, 7, plus Bunbuns the bunny and Magic the kitten.

Honesty box

How do you maximise space in your small home?

Lily: Have a few big things rather than lots of little ones – it makes the space feel more substantial.

Avoid clutter; don’t have too many things or too many patterns. Only have what you need. Don’t feel like you must have everything for all occasions.

Play with height – it can be a clever way to find more storage and make a room look and feel more expansive.

Plant edibles; it might not make an outdoor space look bigger but it gives purpose and meaning to a garden, which is a different kind of bigness.

What’s one thing you would change about your home if you could? I’d get a new kitchen that was easier to keep clean.


$50,000 approximately

See more of the humble Auckland unit below

Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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