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Can the Obamas’ new home live up to the White House?

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After eight years in the world’s most famous house the Obamas are moving. Take a tour through their new home and see how it holds up next to the White House

Can the Obamas’ new home live up to the White House?

Barack Obama’s presidency has drawn to a close and there has been much interest and speculation about where he and his family will call home after the White House.

While most presidents return to their home states following the end of their time in office the Obama family will be moving just 3km away, making Barack Obama the second president in US history to stay in Washington D.C. They’ve chosen to stay in the capital so they don’t disrupt the final few years of high school for their youngest daughter Sasha.

The Obamas’ new home is located in the exclusive Kalorama neighbourhood, which is full of grand houses from the turn of the century and is home to many high flying ambassadors, diplomats and industry leaders.

It may be difficult to adjust to life after living in the world’s most famous house but the Obama’s grand new home certainly looks fit for the former first family. Built in 1928, the solid brick mansion may be a lot smaller than the White House but with nine-bedrooms, eight-and-a-half-bathrooms and a footprint of 8,200 square feet, it will surely suffice.

The Obamas will be renting the estate, which is owned by Bill Clinton’s former Press Secretary Joe Lockart, who reportedly bought the house for US$7million.

The house is furnished with luxurious yet tasteful décor and will soon be home to the Obamas’ fine collection of modern art, similar to the pieces displayed in the executive residence of the White House.

Check out the gallery to see inside the Obamas’ new home and watch this video for an inside look at their White House style.

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via: McFadden Group. Video via: The White House.

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