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The Block NZ’s Alice and Caleb share their reno secrets and decor tips

By their eighth renovation, Alice and Caleb should definitely be considered reno-experts. Here they share some of their hard-won reno secrets

Alice and Caleb reno

Meet + Greet

Caleb Pearson, 32, and Alice Pearson, 31 (directors of Pearson + Projects), Alek, 4, and Mika, 2.


Total renovation spend: $480,000

Decor tips

Find ways to inject personality – for example, the ‘Be still my soul’ artwork in the family room. It’s the little details that sometimes make a big impact.

  • Don’t avoid colour. Add colour that is soft and complementary to the space.
  • Find various textures and patterns. Elements like the living-room rug or beams bring energy and depth and make a space feel inviting. The hide chair in the living room and the layers on the beds also do this.
  • Invest in plants and take the time to keep them alive! A pot plant in a few places can visually fill a space and give an earthy feel to a room.

Reno tips

Always get at least three quotes from tradespeople. It also gives you a chance to meet potential contractors and work out if they are right for your renovation.

  • Consider the longevity of the products you use. Ask about how long a product is under warranty for as it will give you a great indication of its quality.
  • To avoid over capitalising go along to open homes in your area to give you an idea of what a renovated home in your market looks like and what it’s worth.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of your own time. Doing it yourself is less expensive but it comes at the cost of your time, energy and leisure.


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Words by: Esther Gordon. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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