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Inside The Block co-host Shelley Ferguson’s stunning Auckland home

Article by Homes to Love

The Block co-host Shelley Ferguson invites us into her stunning Auckland home to take us on an inspiring tour around her favourite room

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Inside The Block co-host Shelley Ferguson’s stunning Auckland home

Shelley Ferguson, is the editorial director of home and fashion magazines at Bauer Media, including Your Home and Garden, and co-host of The Block. She lives in Birkenhead, Auckland with husband Steve and her children Flynn and Jett.

“We moved here in May 2016. We had a house up the road and had architectural plans done and were going to do this big renovation. Then I drove down from the shops and there was a ‘for sale’ sign outside this house. I rang my husband and said, “Babe we’ve got a problem… we have to have this house. It was so emotional for me; I’d never felt that way before.”

“I think some people are put off by a 60s house but I always loved how it already looked. I’m very drawn to that mid-century design. When I started looking into it, it was a time when architects wanted that connection to nature and so the big glass sliders came in”

“Nature is incredibly important for me. I’m so inspired by it so usually the colours, textures and everything I naturally gravitate towards can be found outside too.When we got here the lines of the house were really beautiful so I didn’t want to change any of that – it was all cosmetic changes that we’ve done. It had blue carpet and blue walls. Steve and I painted the interior ourselves; it took us a month. It was hell.”

“We did it at night, cranked the tunes and had a couple of wines and just got through it. In other houses we’ve had newborns, toddlers and your living space is not your living space because it’s always messy with toys and washing everywhere. But when we moved here the boys (now four-and-a-half and six) were a bit older. This house is so much better so they have their own lounge downstairs. So naturally up here is more of an adult space.”

“I split this area into two zones – the lounge, which has the fire and the TV; and then this little zone with the blue chairs, which we call our adult zone. It has two bucket chairs and we often look out and have a wine and a platter. And of course, now it’s the boys’ favourite place. They call it their wrestling pit and they sit in the chairs and pretend they’re driving. I guess that’s what it should be.”

“They’re still running around and jumping on the chairs so I wouldn’t buy anything too breakable but they’re actually really respectful little boys. The outside of my house is painted blue so when I describe my home I say it’s something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! I don’t think I have any type of interior style. I’m a bit of a collector; I love vintage shops and second-hand shopping.”

“I like things that mean something to me and that make me and the family happy. You can pull trends in and out but your base style should be about you. So there are things in here like my nana’s crystal that was passed down from family. I remember them pulling out the sherry glasses when I was little.”

This article originally appeared on Now to Love.

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