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The plain facade of this Auckland home hides a vintage inspired interior

Sitting on the street unassumingly, this weatherboard home is filled with vintage treasures collected over a lifetime by its creative owners


Meet and greet

Christine Collaine (interior designer), Todd Brady (electrician), Henri, 18, Emma, 20, and Molly, 19.

The plain facade of this Auckland home hides a vintage inspired interior

How much did you spend on your home?
Christine: Around $150,000-$200,000. We’ve never added up what we’ve spent because that wasn’t what was important. We are really resourceful and did a lot of the work ourselves. At the end of the day, it cost what it cost to do the alterations. We had the basic design sketched out, then engaged architectural designer Jo-Anne Hitchcock who did the calculations to get that light right into the middle of the house.

What did you splurge on?
The Andy Warhol tiles that make the bathroom fun. Plus a couple of little follies such as the floating stairs, the fabulous light in the stairwell, the vintage plumbing in the ensuite. The pressed-tin wall (in the dining area) we could have done without, but then the house would have been like everyone else’s. These are the things that make a house special. Really, Todd’s folly was me! I pushed his limits, but I’d run things by him and we worked it out together and he indulged me.

What did you save on?
Our fabulous saves have been the demolition materials we used, plus our market finds and Todd’s collections – lights, cameras, timber etc. All the treasures that lay around the house just waiting to be given a new life.

Style tips

  • Be spontaneous. Try out a new wall treatment, wallpaper or paint colour. Live with it for a few weeks and if it annoys you, change it.
  • If you want to do something, learn how to do it yourself. Christine learned how to wallpaper using an online instruction video. Would she do it again? “Absolutely! There’s nothing here I would not do again.”
  • When redecorating, complete one room at a time to keep the task manageable. “It gives you time in between to reflect,” says Christine.
  • Be yourself. Christine loved op-shop gear as a teenager and that fostered her appreciation of items with integrity. “I’m quite comfortable with old, threadbare things,” she says.
  • Edit your collections with a fresh eye. Todd loves his vintage light fittings and Christine helped him pick out the best ones for their home. Rotate your arrangements for the sheer pleasure of giving something else new value.

Created by: Robyn Welsh. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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