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A Dunedin home gets a revamp with an artistic touch

With flaking paint, borer and a weakness for maroon, an old Dunedin house was in a sorry state until a couple with just the right mix of practical skills and artistic flair took it in hand

At a glance

Who lives here? Doug McConaughy (structural engineer), Shelley McConaughy (florist, designer, artist), Oscar, Eli, Rose the cat, “the girls” (chickens), and a tank of tropical fish.

Style secrets

  • Make a budget and always include a contingency. Consider the possibility of over-capitalising and whether or not that concerns you.
  • Be enthusiastic and enjoy the adventure. Love the satisfaction of completing an amazing project and the myriad skills you have learnt; they are invaluable!
  • Look around when purchasing objects for your home. It may surprise you, but original pieces of art can sometimes be the same price as mass-produced items. We have wonderful artists in New Zealand and many galleries with a huge range of work and price tags. Don’t be shy to go in.

Words by: Annick Larkin. Photography by: Emma MacDonald.

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