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15 architecturally designed baches that make long weekends worth the wait

Article by Homes to Love

From Northland to the Coromandel, these architecturally designed baches are where every beach lover would want to visit. Take a look below

Who doesn’t love a view of the water? Whether they’re on a hill overlooking the sea, or right on the beachfront, these architecturally designed baches make the sea a focal point.

It’s impossible to get closer to the water than the Hut on Sleds, designed by Ken Crosson. This clever small home sits on the dunes, a stone’s throw from the water. The beach house takes the form of a vertical stack, with a petite living, dining and kitchen area on the ground floor facing the beach, and a bathroom and bunkroom tucked in behind. Designed on sleds, it can be moved around on-site or elsewhere if necessary once it’s decoupled from power and water supplies.

Furthest away from the water, but with arguably the most impressive view of it is another of Crosson’s designs in Otama beach on the Coromandel Penisula. Sitting above a deserted white-sand Coromandel beach, the bach Crosson designed for himself and his family is a timber box resting on a manuka-clad hillside that opens up to reveal unimpeded views stretching far out to sea. The home’s mission to make everyday rituals more pleasurable is highly evident in the bathroom, with a shower with full access to the magnificent views, and a bath that can be rolled on to the deck outside.

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