4 winter bedding styles to get excited about

Get inspired by the latest Your Home and Garden for Farmers range, which features on-trend teal and gold alongside graphic statements


4 winter bedding styles to get excited about

Create a sublime sleeping sanctuary by dressing your bedroom in rich teal and gold tones this season.

Gold is a hero hue in the Your Home and Garden for Farmers winter range, featuring on printed bedlinen such as the ‘Malia’ duvet cover and corresponding décor pieces.


Teal is another winning shade, showcased in the ‘Azalia’ linen duvet cover. The reversible duvet cover flips to grey and is yarn-died to ensure consistent quality and composition. A block colour duvet like this can be accented by dramatic throws and cushions, with colours changed out to reflect the season, like these cute feather-print ‘Pero’ pillowcases.


Graphic statements are strong this winter. Printed sheets add interest when paired with a plain duvet or mixed and matched with a contrasting design. The ‘Avery’ grid print sheets (fitted and flat) and pillowcases are too good to hide.


The ‘Nila’ duvet cover marries a graphic look with teal and navy tones. This style is effective when paired with white sheets. Offset printed bedding with complementary artwork, or try gold and slate accessories for an artisan look.

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