Kids’ corner: A monochrome nursery

When babies are first born they can only see black and white, although this doesn’t last for long. In a nod to this monochromatic start to life, we have created this winning black and white scheme. It’s a look that will grow with your child as it is easy to update for toddlers and even teenagers.


Wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen ‘Black’ and Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen ‘Alabaster’


If you can’t commit to a whole room in black and white then consider adding a soft pale aqua like Resene ‘Riptide’. Dusky pink or mint green would also look stunning with this monochromatic scheme. Use a soft pale shade as an accent colour for accessories, bedding and lighting for a cohesive look.


Floorboards in Resene Walk-On ‘Black’ and Resene Walk-On ‘Alabaster’; plastic animals painted in Resene ‘Riptide’, from Mega Choice; bead garland from Ply NZ


Resene ‘Black’ is painted three-quarters of the way up the wall, making the white cot stand out. The top of the wall is painted in Resene ‘Alabaster’, which continues onto the ceiling, making the room feel taller. Pictures look great hung at the halfway point.

Paint isn’t just for the walls – floorboards painted in wide stripes are a striking feature (but would look equally great in plain white).
A mixture of patterns creates visual interest, but stick to no more than three. We have used stripes, spots and geometric designs.

Storage is key in a nursery so consider using vertical space on the walls. The cute cloud shelf is great for displaying toys and trinkets and introduces the pale aqua colour to the wall, breaking up the black and white.


Ply cloud shelf from Ply NZ, cloud painted in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen ‘Riptide’; bunny print from Shut The Front Door; nesting dolls from White Fox & Co.


The ply wheelie box on castors stores toys, books and extra bedding and can easily be moved around the room.

The round storage unit makes a great bedside ‘table’, and has ample space to store nappies, cloths and wipes for babies, but can be used for years to come.

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens
Photography by: Mike Rooke
Interior Designer: Vanessa Nouwens


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