How to theme your child’s bedroom to their favourite hobby

Foster your child’s passions by creating a space that celebrates their hobbies and interests. Check out our example of a bedroom with a surf-inspired theme

How to theme your child’s bedroom to their favourite hobby

Is your child mad on skateboarding, sailing, basketball, skiing or surfing? Their favourite hobby is a great starting point for a bedroom theme.

For this surf-themed room, we’ve kept the walls and floor simple and neutral as this will mean they won’t need to be updated as your child grows. Invest in some good-quality, plain bedding – linen is a great bedding fabric for teens as the more crumpled and relaxed it looks, the better. Mix it up with some pillowcases and cushions on the bed. A large euro pillow at the back is great for reading, then layer it with a standard pillowcase and a cushion or two.

Like any room, storage is key, so a bedside cabinet and drawers are essential. Also consider creating some vertical storage by adding hooks on a blank wall for hanging up a wetsuit, favourite cap or ski jacket.

If you have wooden floors then a rug is a must. This woven denim rug not only ties in with the colour theme but is also very durable.

A photographic print chosen by your child won’t go out of date and they can continue to enjoy it for years. Finally, simply add their sporting equipment as decoration and voilà!

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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