How to decorate your kids’ bedroom with bright and playful style

When it comes to kids, using vibrant, bold colours in the bedroom is always a winner. Discover how to decorate a playful space with these easy tips

How to decorate your kids’ bedroom with bright and playful style

While lots of bold colour can be hard to live with for some, if there was ever a time to get creative with bright hues, decorating a kid’s bedroom is definitely it. If your child likes vibrant colours, he or she will love waking up to a vivid and cheery space like this.

On top of the bold colours we’ve chosen, this space is very eclectic in its decor with a mix of modern and classic pieces. Handcrafted touches such as the garland and artwork keep the aesthetic playful and child-friendly.


To make the headboard we took a 1m x 1.3m piece of 4mm MDF and drew a half-circle at the top edge of the board. Using an electric jigsaw, we cut around the shape. We then sanded the edges and painted it in two coats of Resene ‘Alabaster’. The result is a great headboard at a fraction of the price of a bought one.

Artwork and garland 

Who says decorative items need to cost a fortune? In this room we simply used Resene testpots to make these fun and easy art pieces.

To create the artwork and garland, paint A4 sheets of card with a brush or small roller in your chosen colours and leave to dry. Once the card is dry, cut out love-heart shapes for the garland and letters for the artwork. You can use templates from the internet if you aren’t confident at cutting freehand. For the garland we hole-punched two holes at the top of the hearts and threaded them onto twine. The painted letters were glued onto a sheet of cardboard and placed in a frame.

What we did

  • Pink is the colour people most often associate with girls so we selected a hot pink base, but applied it in a contemporary way. We measured 2m up the wall and taped a line using painter’s masking tape, then painted beneath it in Resene ‘Smitten’. Once dry, we peeled the tape off and re-masked the line for the top colour, Resene ‘Resolution Blue’. We repeated these colours in accessories such as the chair, tutu and pink throw. Even the wall hooks were painted a pale peach to tie in with the sheets.
  • Yellow is a lively, energetic and cheerful colour, but in large doses it can be overbearing so we broke it up by painting the floor in 20cm-wide stripes of Resene ‘Happy’ and Resene ‘Alabaster’.
  • The key when creating a bold scheme is to include a neutral colour that offsets the more intense shades. We have done this by using white for the headboard, duvet cover and picture frame.

All the colours seen here are from the Resene Total Colour System.
Paints and colours are available from Resene ColorShops and resellers nationwide. or 0800 RESENE (737 363).

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