10 indoor plants that are perfect for your bathroom

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Shelley Ferguson rounds up some expert advice from The Botanist’s Eden Hessell on which indoor plants will love living in this moisture-rich room

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10 indoor plants that are perfect for your bathroom

Plants add interest, texture and colour to your bathroom – they even purify the air. But not all houseplants are happy living in a moist environment. Superstar florist Eden Hessell helps us to weed through our options by rounding up 10 plants that are sure to thrive in your bathroom.


Donkey’s tail 

This easy-care succulent native to Mexico features long, hanging stems of thick, blue-green leaves that overlap like the hair on a Donkey’s tail. The cascading stems mean this plant looks gorgeous in a hanging basket in any bathroom. This plant needs light, not much watering, and does well in basic humidity.


String of pearl

Another easy-care succulent, String Of Pearls unique seaweed-like beads trail over hanging baskets, creating an interesting focal point hanging in a bathroom. This drought-tolerant plant likes bright, indirect light and well-drained soil – like any succulent it won’t survive overwatering.


Baby’s tear 

This bright green delicate creeping herb trails prettily over wall-mounted planters or hanging baskets. It prefers shade and moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms with low levels of natural light.


Moth orchid 

One of the easiest orchids to grow, moth orchids like low light, enjoy the same temperatures we do, and like a bit of humidity. If you look after them well, they’ll reward you with beautiful blooms for several months and add exotic elegance to your bathroom.


Peace lily 

Peace lilies look beautiful potted in bathrooms, are easy to care for, and also act as effective air purifiers. They like low to medium light and don’t like to be overwatered, so if you forget about them for a week they’ll still reward you with great looks. Their lush green leaves and white flowers look lush in bathrooms featuring eclectic designs and rich wood.


Fiddle leaf fig 

This lush, large-leaf beauty is a sought after statement plant in the interior world. It likes bright indirect light (meaning lots of light but not sun streaming on it), and needs watering once a week. Because of its size, this plant can add scale and interest to large bathrooms, and transform dead space in an unused corner.


Staghorn fern 

The Staghorn’s unique foliage resembles deer antlers, and can be wired to timber and used as a wall feature to add structure and form to a modern or masculine bathroom. It’s hard to kill, likes low to medium indirect light, and only requires watering every couple of weeks if potted, or the root ball soaked if wall-mounted.


Mother-in-law’s tongue 

The marbled green, strong and structured leaves of this popular houseplant look right at home in a bathroom with Mid-century design influences. Otherwise known as the Snake plant, it only needs watering every 2-3 weeks, likes low to bright indirect light, and will thrive in steamy bathroom conditions.


Asparagus fern 

These plants are one of the fastest growing, least demanding and easy care house plants around. They appreciate higher humidity and grow best in bright indirect light making them a great choice for well-lit bathrooms. They can even be trained to cascade down from a hanging planter or grow vine-like up a pole.


Mistletoe cactus 

This tropical succulent is native to rainforests in Florida, Mexico and Brazil. While most cacti are found in hot, sunny, arid zones, mistletoe cactus enjoys moisture and dim light so it’s perfectly happy in a bathroom mounted on a piece of bark like an orchid or potted in a good cactus mix.

Words by: Shelley Ferguson

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