The Block AU: Julia and Sasha’s master bathroom

Art deco-style and statement tiles were on display Julia and Sasha’s master bathroom. We take a closer look at the design and get some style tips


The Block AU: Julia and Sasha’s master bathroom

There was plenty to covet during the renovating reveals for The Block Australia. All five teams went for a simple and elegant colour palette in their bathrooms; blinding whites with hints of black and metallics were the order of the day.

But each managed to add their own twist to the theme, whether it was a pop of colour in an artwork or statement styling with geometric patterns. Here we profile the bathroom details from Julia and Sasha’s house that got our attention.


Julia and Sasha’s bathroom

There was love all round for the shell-shaped marble feature tiles and the generous shower area. “This is just beautiful,” said Neale. The shower seat was a nice touch and made the room a standout from the other apartments. The bathroom had plenty of gloss, but too much, perhaps? Darren worried the floor tiles could be treacherous when wet.

Despite that potential slip-up, it was a bathroom that would have “massive appeal” on auction day, Neale said. Shaynna marvelled at the luxurious double vanity and the consistency that was being demonstrated throughout the apartment. “We’re proud of our bathroom,” said Julia. “There’s an art deco nod, but it also looks so pretty.”

Cost: $21,616


Bathroom Tips

  • Twin gold showerheads and a seat create a luxurious feel.
  • High-gloss black tiles on the floor make a visual impact, just be mindful of the slip factor!
  • A mix of downlights and wall sconces keep things well lit.
  • Fishscale tiles are one of the hottest tile trends of the moment and add texture to the room.
  • Deep drawers keep the vanity clutter-free.

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Words by: Erin Miller and Chris Pearson. Photography by: Tess Kelly and Channel 9 Australia.

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