How to design a restful bathroom inspired by nature

Take design cues from nature to create a restful, earthy bathroom sanctuary. Louise Cook from Mico Bathrooms tells us how to create our own oasis of paradise at home


How to design a restful bathroom inspired by nature

The bathroom is one of the hardest-working rooms in the home. It’s where you begin the day, and also probably the last room you’re in before bedtime. Even the busiest of days can be washed away with a beautiful, calming and well-considered bathroom. If you’re about to embark on your own bathroom reno, Mico Bathrooms can help you from start to finish. Mico Bathrooms product manager Louise Cook gives her tips and tricks of the trade.

Louise’s Bathroom reno tips

  • Choose your style: What style suits you as a person or family and fits best with the era of your home? Mico Bathrooms’ Bathroom Book is a great source of inspiration. It can help you find a style that’s right for you – and that balances with the look of your home.
  • Plan your space: Mico Bathrooms’ interactive bathroom planner allows you to visualise your space in 3D before making any big decisions.
  • Choose your statement pieces: Pick out the big ticket items first. Your choice of vanities and bathtubs will influence and impact your other purchases.

How to achieve a natural look

  • Incorporating wood or wood-look materials will immediately create an earthy, natural feel. Whether it’s through big items like a vanity or flooring, or even small wood detailing on cabinetry or decor items, wood will tie the look together.
  • Never underestimate the power of greenery! For this lush feel go all out with a large statement plant and accessorise with smaller ones in differing heights. Be sure to choose plants that like moist conditions.
  • Stone or stone colours will complement this restful vibe. It’s all about mimicking the colours found in nature, so for tiles or flooring, consider a raw-look material.
  • Keep accessories and clutter away. This look is clean and minimal so make sure you have ample storage to keep surfaces clear.

Your material palette 


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