4 ways to trick your small bathroom into feeling bigger

Article by Simply You

A luxurious bathroom is possible even if you have limited room. Here are four stylish ways to create the illusion of space in your little bathroom


4 ways to trick your small bathroom into feeling bigger

1. Add mirrors
Nothing else creates a feeling of never-ending space like a mirror. Glass doors and decor can also ‘stretch’ a small area and prevent it from feeling boxed, while floor-to-wall marble evokes a seamless ambience.

2. Keep your base neutral
A small bathroom can be made to look infinitely bigger by using neutral colours and finishes. White floor tiles that continue up the walls make the room feel more spacious, and this effect is further enhanced by choosing a long rectangular shape. Use accessories to add pops of colour and drama.

3. Continue materials from the floor up the walls
One of the best ways to distract from a small bathroom is to create a focus, and a striking print or painting is perfect for this. Play with the boundaries of perception by continuing a theme, such as wood, from the flooring to the side of the bath and walls. This makes it harder to differentiate where each begins and ends, making the room feel larger.

4. Create zones with colour and pattern
Using pattern and colour is a great way to create a division between two areas, such as the sleeping and bath spaces in a bedroom. Don’t be afraid of darker hues, as they can add a touch of opulence and elegance. Showcase your personal style with some vintage bathroom storage options, while keeping the space functional and uncluttered.

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