This budget bathroom makeover proves simple ideas create big impact

A fresh grey-green palette and accessories in natural textures have made a world of difference to a once cold and clinical bathroom


The Budget

$3323.82 ($496.82 without the vanity)

The problem

  • The bathroom, although only 10 years old, felt shabby and dated.
  • The tiles were in good condition but had a slight peach tint to them, which was highlighted by the adjacent cool white wall colour.
  • The vanity was an odd freestanding unit with a DIY base, which looked unfinished.
  • Silver hardware and a halogen wall light were in need of replacement.
  • The bathroom also lacked flat surfaces for toiletries and there was minimal storage.
  • Despite all this, the bathroom was in good condition, so an update rather than a full renovation was the most cost-appropriate solution.


The solution 

  • First, a new wall colour was chosen to warm the room and complement the peach-tinged tiles. The existing stark white was painted over in a soft grey with a slightly green tone, which suits the tiles perfectly and helps the room feel warmer and more inviting.
  • The vanity was removed and replaced with a wall-mounted unit. This balanced the room visually as well as adding much-needed storage and a handy flat surface.


  • All stainless-steel and glass fittings were replaced with warm oak accessories to help soften the scheme and make it feel less clinical.
  • A round mirror was substituted for the old rectangular one to counteract all the straight lines and ‘boxy’ feel. A floating shelf with rounded corners was also added.
  • A fun art print from Pop Motif brings a splash of colour to the fairly neutral palette.
  • Indoor plants, new towels, storage baskets and lovely handwash provide more layers of interest in the room.


Shelley Ferguson chats about bathroom trends from The Block NZ

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Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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