These tips will give you the confidence to be bold with your bathroom style

Unleash your inner drama queen and go bold in the bathroom with statement tiles, luxe accessories and materials that will stand the test of time

These tips will give you the confidence to be bold with your bathroom style

This is one style of bathroom design that requires bravery and vision – commit to the look and be prepared to swoon! It’s a style that doesn’t come cheaply but by investing in statement pieces and saving in other areas, you can still come in on budget. Louise Cook, National Product Manager from Mico Bathrooms, talks us through how to achieve this eye-catching look.

Louise’s bathroom tips

  • Choose your style
    What look suits you as a person or family and fits best with the era of your home? The Mico Bathroom Book is a great source of inspiration. It can help you find a style that’s right for you and that balances with the look of your home.
  • Plan your space
    Mico Bathrooms’ interactive bathroom planner allows you to visualise your space in 3D. It’s perfect for experimenting before making any big decisions.
  • Choose your statement pieces
    Pick out the big-ticket items first. Your choice in vanities and bath tubs will influence and impact your other purchases.

How to achieve the bold drama look

  • Pattern is king
    Choose something patterned as your standout feature – wall tiles, floor tiles or even wallpaper are great options. It might be nice to tie the pattern in with the era of your home. If it’s a modern house, you could opt for a bold geometric pattern or, if it’s of an older era, research what shapes and styles were popular when the home was built. Or simply choose one you and your family love!
  • Keep it monochrome
    With the exception of your statement pattern, keep the rest of your surfaces neutral and clean. Vanities in dark timber or black and baths and sinks in glossy white look really elegant, and will never date.
  • Treat yourself
    Having a fancy hand soap and lotion on the vanity and some luxurious body wash and hair products in the shower will make you feel like a movie star every day – you can always refill with cheaper alternatives once they’re gone! Ensure you have plenty of storage to keep all those day-to-day bits and bobs neatly stored away.

Material palette 

Be inspired with mico Bathrooms
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